Business Development

At Beneficial Marketing, we have the experience along with the expertise to work autonomously to get your business the results it deserves.

Our approach is relationship driven, we regard ourselves both as consultants and members of your team, geared to provide you with positive outcomes at an early stage.


We have a ‘can do’ approach to everything we do and ensure that all work is of the highest quality and delivered to schedule.


As consultants we operate at both board and operational levels. We view ourselves as thought leader, prompting client’s new concepts and ways of thinking which bring both increased revenue, profitability and in many cases cost efficiencies.


We have built up a reputation amongst our peers, competitors, clients and partners as being result driven and offering a fast, friendly and focused service.

  • Our Aim

    To build a reputation as offering a cost effective service that delivers results EVERY TIME!

    Set our clients up for success to achieve sustained results over a long period of time.

    Anyone can call themselves Business Development Consultants, but to be truly effective it is vital that a business consultant understands your industry. Prior to our initial consultation we will do full and extensive research into your industry sector.

  • Our Promise…

    To deliver on time, on target results.

    Offer a tailored service to each individual client, to ensure maximum benefit from working together.

    Following the initial consultation, we the will only offer our service if we feel that we can have a genuine positive impact on your business and its results.

What we offer

Initial Business Consultation – This allows us to analyse where your business is currently at versus where it needs to be. This initial consultation is key as it allows us to analyse and evaluate your current strengths and weaknesses. In tern this determines the forward strategic planning that we would offer.

Some of the things we cover in this initial consultation are;

  • Your core business and business values
  • Current position V’s budgeted position
  • Planned forecast
  • Success of previous ventures
  • Current position within your targeted market (market share)
  • Current process procedures, staffing and leadership
  • Over view from us on implementing a successful business model, i.e. ‘Hedgehog’ concept and it’s elements.

Forward Strategic Planning – Following the initial consultation we would analyse and evaluate your current business standing against where it needs to be. From there if we feel the service we offer is the key to moving your business in the right direction, we will then design, implement and execute a strategic plan. Key components that form the plan

Introducing important elements

Demonstrate strong leadership, especially in a difficult economic climate, by:

  • Creating a vision for the future
  • Linking individual and teams goals to organisational targets
  • Setting an example
  • Walking the floor and being seen
  • Creating an organisational culture based on openness and trust

Engage with employees to:

  • Get the best out of them in terms of performance
  • Cement their commitment to the organisation
  • Help line managers trigger positive discretionary behavior

Use problem-solving techniques such as:

  • Force field analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Cause and effect analysis
  • Root cause analysis
  • Brain storming
  • Team building