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Digital Marketing Trends of 2018 to Watch Out For

When you hear the term digital marketing, it can mean different things to different people. It essentially means promoting your business via a digital channel, be it video-on-demand, written content as well as more innovative solutions, such as augmented and virtual reality.
With an ever-changing demographic, it stands to reasons that trends tend to change year to year, and it can be beneficial.

Video Is Still in Demand

Looking at popular video sites such as Vimeo and YouTube showcases just how popular digital video currently is, but it’s not only bloggers who can benefit from the media.
Regardless of whether you’re looking to market a hotel, restaurant or any form of business in the hospitality sector, there’s plenty of marketing potential when employing the use of video. Whether it’s informative content or a 360-degree video tour, you can be confident that the alluring nature of videos are proving to become more popular than ever before.

The Use of Chat Bots

More and more businesses in the hospitality sector are looking to offer a seamless customer service experience, regardless of whether they’re on site, or at the end of a computer. As such, many companies may look to dedicate a portion of their workforce to deal with enquiries.
While items such as complaints and in-depth issues should be dealt with a by an actual person, the more common questions and queries could be answered via the use of chatbots.
Although you may assume that this would limit the customer experience, you would be surprised at how far artificial intelligence has come. Regardless of whether you’re looking to simplify hotel bookings, or make confirmations for restaurant booking, those in the hospitality industry could find they’re able to save both time and money when taking advantage of what current technology has to offer.

The Hospitality Industry is Approaching Social Media in a Different Way

It’s no secret that businesses are fully embracing social media, but the way it connects with customer is changing. Rather than be charmed by a brand’s marketing, the modern-day social network user is keen to find out more about the story of a company, and the developments it is making.
For example, a rare dish in a restaurant that’s creating a buzz can be captured and used for marketing purposes. These videos are often known as ‘stories’ with both Instagram and YouTube having their own version, as well as more recognised platforms like Snapchat.
Because of the temporary nature of these stories, in that they disappear after a given amount of time, your social followers will be keener to engage with the promotion.
The trends may be used in different ways depending on the business model, but you can be confident that the hospitality industry will soon be open to new and innovative ways of marketing regardless of whether it’s in relation to the brand, or the customer experience on offer.